Guided glacier tours at Finse - Unique experiences and memories for life!


Guided glacier tour (per person) 950.- NOK

Standard tour with duration 6-7 hours to the Blåisen area. The price includes a guide, necessary equipment, insurance and a personal gift.

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The glacier tour at Finse is arranged and carried out by the activity company Jøklagutane AS.

The tours will basically go every day in the summer season and they lasts for about 6-7 hours. Normally, the tours starts around 11.00 am from Finse Railway Station at/by the waiting room.

For special inquiries please call us at: +47 993 31 222 or send an email to post@joklagutane.no


We provide the necessary equipment, but it is important that you are properly dressed for the tour.

The clothing must be solid and water/wind proof as the weather changes quickly at Jokula. Choose solid shoes and also remember to bring a hat and a pair of gloves/mittens. We also recommend bringing sunglasses. You also have to bring your own food and drinks for the trip.


To arrive in Finse, you must take the train if you do not walk or cycle. Train tickets can be bought on VY's website.

If you are traveling from Bergen, the first train from Bergen leaves at 07:57 am. The train will arrive at Finse station at 10:14 am, and the last train back to Bergen will leave at 20:00 pm from Finse station.

If you are traveling from Oslo, the first train from Oslo leaves at 06:25 am. The train from Oslo arrives at Finse station at 10:55 am, and the last train back to Oslo leaves Finse station at 19:12 pm.


If you want to stay over at Finse there are many options. We have made a list of sleeping possibilities.

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